Ini adalah daftar alat, perangkat lunak & sumber daya lainnya yang terkait dengan protokol Internet Relay Chat (IRC).


You use these to connect to IRC.

  • Komanda - designed for people who write code (beta) (source) Linux
  • Textual - very customizable, ZNC integration, iCloud sync ($4.99) (source) macOS
  • LimeChat - one window for multiple servers, keyboard shortcuts, fast & stable (source) macOS
  • HexChat - based on XChat, easy to use, spell check & multiple languages (source) Windows macOS Linux
  • Kiwi IRC - a powerful modern IRC messenger for the web (source, demo) Web
  • CIRC - uses the chrome.sockets APIs to connect directly to IRC servers without needing a proxy (source) Chrome
  • Quassel - distributed (clients can attach to and detach from a central core that stays permanently online (source) Linux macOS Windows
  • Yaaic - multi-server/channel support, SASL support, Smooth channel scrolling / swiping (source) Android
  • koko - minimalistic design, VIM-like shortcuts and built on electron Windows macOS
  • relay.js - focuses on making IRC less intimidating and easier to use (demo) Web
  • Circe - for use in Emacs, sane defaults Emacs
  • Smuxi - user-friendly, based on GNOME / GTK+ (source) Linux Windows macOS
  • KVIrc - free, portable, based on Qt GUI toolkit (source) Linux macOS Windows
  • Konversation - user-friendly client built on the KDE Platform (source) Linux
  • sic - simple IRC client - a terminal client in less than 250 lines of C. Linux
  • Colloquy - AppleScript-enabled IRC client macOS
  • irssi - Terminal client, multi-protocol friendly for module authors, GPLv2. Linux macOS Cygwin BSD
  • WeeChat - a fast, light and extensible chat client (source) Linux macOS Windows

More? Clients that include bouncers are found below.


Useful for disconnecting and reconnecting without losing the chat session.


  • IRCCloud - group chat for teams, friends, and communities. stay connected, chat from anywhere, and never miss a message. (+client) (£0-£3.50/month)
  • Grove - hosted IRC and so much more (+client) ($10-$125/month)
  • Firrre - authorized connections to Free / Libre / Open Source driven IRC Networks (Free)


  • Convos - Always online web IRC client (source, demo) Perl JavaScript Web
  • ZNC - most popular. many different plugins (source)
  • BIP IRC Proxy - Always online, lightweight and secure Open Source IRC proxying with backlogging (source) C
  • TheLounge - responsive, self-hosted & support for multiple users (source, demo) JavaScript Node.js Web


Used for running your own IRC server or network.

  • ircd.js - server will allow clients to connect, join channels, change topics; basic stuff
  • InspIRCd - modular, stable, written from scratch (source)
  • miniircd - very simple and limited
  • ngIRCd - portable and lightweight for small or private networks (source)
  • Hulk - intended for private business use or hobby work Haskell
  • Oragono - modern, experimental server that’s portable and designed around specifications (source)
  • charybdis - scalable IRCv3 server
  • RobustIRC - IRC server without netsplits


Used to provide user accounts and bots like NickServ/ChanServ to your network.

  • Atheme - designed for large networks with high scalability requirements (source)
  • anope - designed for flexibility and ease of use (source)


IRC users which provide services for humans, e.g. integrations or information.

  • - makes IRC logs awesome (source)
  • Sopel - tonnes of ready made features, tutorial, fully documented (source) Python
  • phenny - simple, module creation guide (source) Python
  • IRCcat - simplifies messaging from shell scripts Java
  • Limnoria - robust, user friendly, developer friendly Python
  • Twitch Plays - takes input from the chat and presses the corresponding key Python
  • Skybot - main goals are simplicity and power Python
  • Jenni - Python
  • talkbackbot - responds to configured trigger phrases with quotes from notable women (source) Python
  • lazybot - user-friendly and powerful Clojure
  • IRC-BF - Brainfuck
  • geordi - compiles and runs C++ code snippets C++
  • CloudBot - simple, fast, expandable Python
  • yossarian-bot - large default plugin set, Cinch-based Ruby
  • helga - Pluggable chat bot supporting multiple protocols Python


Helpful to write bots or integrate IRC with applications.

  • node-irc JavaScript
  • Cinch - quickly create bots with minimal effort Ruby
  • goirc - event-based, stateful, lacking documentation Go
  • Hubot IRC Adapter - the IRC adapter for hubot JavaScript
  • go-ircevent - event-based Go
  • pyaib - easy to use framework for writing bots Python
  • slate-irc - plugin system, simple api, arbitrary input stream, debug support JavaScript
  • PircBotX - Event based IRC Library with a straightforward API (updated fork of PircBot) Java
  • IRC::Client - Perl6 based extendable IRC client framework


Sends messages back and forth.

  • discord-irc - Discord <-> IRC JavaScript
  • slack-irc - Slack <-> IRC JavaScript
  • BitlBee - XMPP, Jabber, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Twitter API, HipChat <-> IRC C
  • teleirc - Telegram <-> IRC JavaScript
  • toxirc - Tox <-> IRC C
  • skyweb2irc - Skype (webclient API) <-> IRC Javascript
  • whapp-irc - WhatsApp Web <-> IRC Go


IRC channels.



  • ##linux@freenode - Linux support and discussion channel (rules)
  • #ubuntu@freenode - official ubuntu support channel (rules)


  • #python@freenode - good place for short python questions (rules)


A collection of IRC servers is known as a network.

  • freenode - the largest network, for free and open source software communities (rules)
  • Snoonet - community of redditors and subreddits (rules)
  • OFTC - commnuity for free and open source software communities


Articles and blog posts about IRC.


How-to’s, documentation and books.


Information and resources about the IRC protocol itself.


Items which don’t fit into the other categories

  • IRC LC - create a URL that points to a channel on a IRC network


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